Story of the Jahan Jewellery Dynasty

The journey of eight generations

Our story is one that extends itself over eight generations and has continuously been driven by an innate love for the art of jewellery, passion for detail, and unmatched craftsmanship. As such, deep-rooted knowledge and expertise has become synonymous with the Jahan name, threading itself through our DNA and guiding every decision behind our exquisite designs.

Craftsmanship by Jahan

Dynasty of jewellers

Our rich heritage has seen us establish a tradition of innovation and incomparable quality for over 170 years. Ahmad Jahan oversaw the company’s transition into an international phenomenon by learning from his father and honing his skills for years. His career eventually led to him becoming the exclusive jeweller to international royalty, personally working with over 35 kings who recognized Jahan’s impeccable attention to detail, client-oriented service, and ability to find and transform the rarest of gems.

Our Vision

Family treasure

This devotion to beauty and continued dedication to providing the most beautiful creations has always been passed down and is ever-present under the current artistic direction of Shahpour Jahan. Today, Shahpour leads the company from our base in Geneva alongside Jahan family members, and some of the industry’s finest professionals, sharing this natural affinity for the magic of jewellery.


"From our base in the heart of Geneva, our family-run company creates jewellery and haute horlogerie using the finest Swiss craftsmanship."


Pursuing perfection

Our illustrious reputation continues to serve as a testament to our undeniable expertise, which transcends generations and is woven into our company’s essence. Our history is dotted with anecdotes showcasing generations of the Jahan family immersing themselves in the art and going to remarkable lengths to select the perfect stones to complement a design or fulfil a client’s vision.


Geneva’s most exclusive jewellers

Today, the Jahan tradition of ensuring quality, working with rarity, and building beauty continues with generations of refined knowledge behind us. We pride ourselves on our experience and ability to work with and uniquely understand clients, always leading to perfection and satisfaction – something we are confident in continuing for generations to come.

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