Striking in its simplicity, the Jolie collection showcases that simplicity can be complicated. Yet the simple things are the most beautiful. Discover the Jolie collection.
I am a believer that like

"I am a believer that like every woman, every diamond and gemstone has a magical inner light. With a confident hand and the finest of expertise, every cut and polish brings forth the gemstones inner beauty and accentuates its unique radiance throughout my designs."
Nour Jahan

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

"With this idea in mind, I envisioned a collection of jewellery that reflects the nature of the individual wearer. Every piece, its own limited edition. Every design, both simple and complicated. As unique as you are."

Falling in love starts with a Kiss

Some moments are so precious you want them to last a lifetime. The Kiss collection is a celebration of falling love. The soft touch of lovers lips as they kiss for the first time is immortalized in the playful interpretation of a kiss motif.