“Women are like diamonds. When their inner light shines, their unique radiance is truly breathtaking”

Nour Jahan

In my eyes, jewellery has the ability to remind you of a time, a place; a memory, a feeling; just like a photograph. My designs transform my inspiration and imagination into jewel shapes and forms. Capturing the essence of the moment and immortalizing the memory is at the heart of my creations.

I take inspiration from the world around me; the enchanting grace of femininity, shades of light, and darkness. Marrying passion with precision and perseverance, the creation of each statement piece becomes the ultimate art of sculpture. My aim is to create perfection. The result: flawless beauty unearthed and transformed into a work of art.

I have always been enchanted by the magic of diamonds and gemstones. Ever since my childhood, my eyes have been mesmerized by the sparkling light and rich colors of jewels, cushioned against 50% black velvet. Some of my earliest memories are of watching breathtaking designs come to life, and every exquisite gemstone selected with precision in our family mission to create perfect beauty.

Growing up surrounded by such artistry awakened my passion and desire to create. My family has created a timeless legacy of superior Swiss craftsmanship and passion handed down, generation after generation. With the launch of Nour by Jahan, I am proud to follow in their footsteps.

With love and light,