As the eighth generation of a jeweller from the Jahan dynasty, Nour Jahan brings a fresh take on contemporary femininity to high end jewellery. Her signature designs marry exquisite gemstones with effortless elegance in the launch of her collection, Nour by Jahan.

My name, Nour, means Light and I see the art of creating exceptional jewellery as my way of sharing my inner light with the world. My designs are driven by my desire to unveil the inner beauty of each diamond and gemstone. As you wear these jewels, I want you to feel special. I want my jewellery to reveal your unique radiance.



I believe that feminine delicacy is the purest form of beauty. Every woman has a unique innate essence; an inner light and beauty that comes from deep within. She is multifaceted, with different sides to her personality; beneath it all, she is truly beautiful.

Just like every woman, every diamond and gemstone's has a magical inner light. A confident hand and the finest of expertise are essential to unveil such delicate wonder. Every cut and polish brings forth the gemstones inner beauty and accentuates its unique radiance. Once its true beauty is unmasked, it shines.


We are always open to new opportunities to further associate ourselves with our core values of inclusivity and opportunity. We would therefore love to hear from you if there is a way in which we can collaborate to create something universally meaningful and impactful, and invite you to contact us for further discussion.


At Jahan, we understand the importance of transparency and reliability in an industry characterized by a global supply chain with ever-increasing geographical reach. Just as we strive for excellence in design and craftsmanship, we also strive for excellence in sourcing and quality standards.

Diamond Sourcing

We can proudly say that all of our diamonds and rare gems are responsibly sourced and traceable. Jahan is dedicated to conducting business in an ethical manner and we do not condone, but instead actively reject, any behaviour tied to human rights violations, slavery, forced labour, or conflict. We carefully monitor our supply chain to ensure that all of our suppliers and collaborators uphold these same values and principles, and we do not tolerate any behaviour which contradicts them. Indeed, there is no space for diamonds born out of malpractice within our company.

Moreover, our business model works in a way that sees us working with a select few diamond suppliers to ensure a transaction rooted in authenticity and reliability. By continuously working with a handful of the same trusted suppliers, we maintain control of the sourcing process as this facilitates the monitoring of our supply chain and identifying any causes of concern – subsequently remedying them or taking the necessary course of action. We have a strict and meticulously-upheld zero-tolerance policy for any violations of our values and promise to ethical and responsible conduct.

Jahan’s commitment to beauty and quality thus extends far beyond our designs and across the entirety of our business through to our sourcing. Acting in a responsible and ethical way is one of the pillars guiding our company and one which we are determined to uphold at all times, and one which will undoubtedly continue to guide our business model for generations to come.

Gold Sourcing - Quality Control

When it comes to our gold, just like any other material we choose to use, the same core principles of acting in an ethical and just way are rigorously applied. As a company based in Switzerland, we adhere to Switzerland’s Precious Metals Control Act (PMCA). This means that every item featuring gold is made with 18kt gold which has passed rigorous precious metals controls to ensure that it meets the minimum legal standard of fineness, guaranteeing a product of quality.