At Jahan, we are committed to preserving the shine and beauty of your jewel through a personalized repair service available to you for a lifetime. Our understanding of the exquisite craftsmanship which was used to create your jewel means that its longevity can be upheld through our carefully-executed repairs. If you find that your jewel has been damaged in any way through use, we kindly ask you to refrain from wearing it further and contact us in order for our experts to examine and assess it. Your piece will be taken care of and every aspect of it will be inspected, from the clasp to all the way through to the stone setting, in order to understand how its beauty may be restored. Once this is done, an estimate will be sent to you regarding the necessary reparatory services. Upon your approval of the repair, our team will complete it in a timely and professional manner, ensuring that your radiant and brilliant jewel is once again in your hands in no time.

Contact us to arrange a repair